How To Apply For Membership?

We value a personal approach to our application process for the utmost professionalism. Complete the below application form or email any direct questions to

Applicants are elected to become club members by the Membership team.

Exclusive Membership Selection

Liverpool Cigar Club is heavily invested in the development of our community. We will always strive to evolve through our expanding services and by steadily increasing our network of members for the enjoyment of all involved.

However, quality of service and personal experience will always remain at the forefront of our agenda. This is why we operate with a considered membership application process and will continue to welcome limited numbers of new members as we steadily move forwards. We are dedicated to preserving in the exclusivity of our club in order to maintain the ultimate satisfaction of our membership.

Membership Requirements

Our membership is strictly for those aged 21 years and over. Membership is also conditional upon the observation of our club Rules and Regulations.

Apply for Membership

Complete the below application form to request a membership.